Yuremava Plain Black


Round storage Basket

This basket is a one-of-a-kind, hand woven in the South-East of Colombia by a talented woman belonging to the native Yuremava Clan.

Crafted with natural fiber and colors, this gorgeous basket can be used to store sleepers or magazines. You can also use it to house one of your plants.

OCASA is proud to work with the Craftsmen Association Puerto Tolima Querari, a group of Colombian native artisans. Products are bought directly to this community, ensuring that artisans are payed a fair price.

Adding a special touch to your home interior with a basket handmade by a Yuremava woman, you support this community in a truly fair way, providing them a source of income.



27 × 27 × 29 cm




Yaré rattan

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Baskets handcrafted with natural fiber and colors

This collection of baskets has been handwoven by Native Yuremava women. Yuremava is the name of a Colombian indigenous clan, belonging to the Amazonian Cubeo ethnic group. This clan lives in the Amazon forest, on the banks of the river Querarí, in the South-East of Colombia. 

Because women dedicate most of their time to farming, cooking and taking care of the children, they weave baskets on their spare time. Such crafts used to be made only for personal use. However, for the last 15 years, Yuremava people also sell them as a source of income.

Fibers and colors are 100% natural. In fact, artisans use a local fiber called Yare, collected in the surrounding forest. Men are in charge of the search for this plant, and are also the ones preparing it for weaving. Besides, colors are all natural and it is quite complex in itself just to collect the different ingredients for coloring.

Actually, different local plants are sown especially to color most of the fibers. For instance, the red color is a mix of ground leafs from different plants. On the other hand, the black color comes from coal.

Hence, purchasing a Yuremava basket is a way to get an absolutely unique basket, with a very special story behind.

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Dimensions27 × 27 × 29 cm



Yaré rattan