Yuremava baskets

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A collection of colorful and ethnic storage baskets

A unique savoir-faire

Yuremava baskets are totally unique and 100% natural. They look great and have incredibly versatile use. They can add texture to your room while help you tidy many things like magazines, toys, towels, scarves and gloves, or a small blanket.

Yuremava is the name of a clan of Native people living in the South-East of Colombia, in the Amazon forest. This clan is part of the largest Cubeo group of people, who live not only in Colombia but also in the Brazilian side of the forest. Different indigenous groups live in this region, but each one has its own weaving traditions, therefore crafts have designs specific to each group.

Crafting baskets as well as other objects is an activity Yuremavas practice for generations. Skills are transmitted from father to son. In fact, until recently, this was an occupation exclusively of men.

A bit more than a decade ago, things changed. Crafts stopped being made for the sole purpose of meeting households needs. Their production slowly became commercial in a small scale. Women then started to learn the weaving techniques, and they are the ones making the baskets now. Today handicrafts represent the main source of income for Yuremava families.

Even though weaving is a side activity, it is quite a time consuming one. Men have to go to collect the fibers in the forest, but may have to walk for a day to do so. Fibers are then tainted with natural colors, then again using ancestral skills. Indeed, they come mainly from plants cultivated for that purpose. Furthermore, it is a 6 hours journey for Yumerava people to sell their crafts: they have to take a boat on the Querari River, and then walk to get to Mitu, the closest city.