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La Chamba is a collection of terracotta pots and dishes, with a unique and warm character, that can be used for serving as well as cooking. Comparable to cast iron, this black ceramic is ideal for slow or smothered cooking and gives your dishes a unique flavor.

This ceramic can be used for cooking in the oven, on the gas, and also in the microwave.

We recommend you avoid the dishwasher, which with time alters the appearance of the ceramic.

Each dish was made according to a traditional process, unchanged for several centuries, by artisans of the village of La Chamba, in Colombia.

Some irregularities that you may find on your dishes are the result of this process, and are testimony of their authenticity.

This product exists in five different sizes:

Size 1: 27 cm X 19 cm X ht 4,5 cm

Size 2: 30 cm X 22 cm X ht 5.5 cm

Size 3: 32 cm X  23 cm X ht 5.5 cm

Size 4: 38 cm X 28 cm X ht 6.5 cm

Size 5: 40 cm X 29 cm X ht 7.5 cm









Black clay



The history of La Chamba collection

La Chamba potters’ village is located on the banks of the Magdalena River, in the state of Tolima. For generations, the know-how of their ancestors, the Panche and Pijao tribes, who made ceramics for ceremonial use, was maintained.

Heirs to this technique, the new ceramists created objects for domestic use, filled their canoes with pots and sailed to nearby villages to sell them on the markets.

Today, the craftsmen and women of La Chamba make dishes and pots of red and black ceramic with the mud they extract from their land.

Women are responsible for grinding, kneading and molding the mud, while men get the wood and cook the pottery in artisanal ovens, after they have dried in the sun.

The black color giving them this unique look is obtained after the cooking, through a smoking technique. Each piece is then polished with a special stone, which gives it a slightly shiny look, characteristic of this Colombian ceramic.

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Black clay