Black Donkey Head


Wall head decoration, handcrafted and unique

Handcrafted with care in the small village of Galapa, near Barranquilla, by local Colombian artisans, this decorative wooden animal head represents one of the animal masks that constitute a central element of Barranquilla’s festival. With its bright colors, it makes a perfect decoration for children’s bedrooms!

Each wooden head is totally handmade and thus unique. Therefore, you may find slight variations or imperfections.







Red ceiba wood and acrylic paint


The tradition behind this wooden donkey head

This colorful Animal Head was handcrafted and hand painted by group of carefully selected Colombian artisans. Carved out of Red Ceiba wood, this head was later painted with acrylic.

The donkey is part of a group of animals that are considered an emblematic element of Barranquilla’s Carnival, that has been taking place in the city for more than a century. Animal masks are used in one of the most ancient dance of the festival: the dance of the Congos.

The wooden heads find their origin in the multicultural background of Colombia, and especially in its African roots. Indeed, African slaves brought together with them the tradition of their ritual masks. Animals they found in the region sometimes came to replace the African animals. They were integrated in the dance as a representation of the animals characteristics.

Toro Miura workshop

Carving and decorating these masks is one of the main and most traditional economic activities of the village of Galapa.

Toro Miura workshop, lead by Manuel Pertuz, has been existing for more than 30 years.  and is well known for the quality of its masks.   

This product is totally hand made and thus unique. Slight variations or imperfections are due to the traditional manufacture.



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Red ceiba wood and acrylic paint