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Woven Storage Basket, handmade and unique

This beautiful storage basket was handwoven in Colombia with Iraca’s palm leaf, a local natural fiber. Skilled artisans use a technic and type of material they inherited from indigenous people, and that has been transmitted over generations.

The woman who produced it is part of a weavers association that employs more than 90 craftspeople, most of them coming from the Colombian rural sector, in an area where unemployment is especial high, due to the local conflict.

You can use this basket as a paper bin, but you can also use it to store socks, scarves, loo paper rolls.

Each basket is totally handmade and thus unique. Therefore, you may find slight variations or imperfections.



34 × 34 × 33 cm

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An ethical basket handcrafted in Colombia

This storage basket has been handcrafted with Iraca’s palm leaf. This particular way of weaving baskets was transmitted by native people of Colombia, and passed on from a generation to the other one within families. Indeed, indigenous people in pre-hispanic times were already using this natural fiber to make baskets, but also textiles and hats.

The artisan who produced this fabulous basket is part of the “Association of weavers Juanita”. They use ancestral weaving technics combined with different kind of colors pigments they make themselves. This association employs 90 artisans, most of them women, in an area strongly affected by the internal Colombian conflict. The weaving of these baskets often represents the only revenue stream for a whole family.

You can use this basket to store small things around the house: baby’s toys, slippers, magazines… You can also use it as a paper bin, as a flower pot, or also to put a beautiful bunch of dried cut flowers.

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Each basket is totally handmade and thus unique. Thus you may find slight variations or imperfections.

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Dimensions34 × 34 × 33 cm